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Braidbar boats have been building narrowboats for the discerning boater at historic Lord Vernon’s Wharf for more than thirty years.


Braidbar Owners Group


There is an independently run "Braidbar Owners Group" that has been set up and is administered by Bruce Napier.

It is an e-mail discussion group used by both Braidbar owners and potential Braidbar owners.

If you would like to join the group, please visit their website at, where you will find more information.

Anyone wanting to join please send an e-mail to

Insurance for your Braidbar boat

You might like to contact Groves, John and Westrup (GJW) for a quote, as they seem to like Braidbars as an insurance risk, and have promised keen quotes. Visit their site for a quote, or phone (freecall) on 0500 141 141. Mention our account number 2708 to make sure they give you a good price!

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